11 December 2011

3 The world outside

At this time of the year it is cold and dark outside, at least for us living up north. The trees are colorless without leaves and flowers and the parks and the streets are missing all the people hustling around. That is why we love to liven up the nature's wonders with lights and colors in various ways.   

photo: http://www.alifeofbeautyandgrace.tumblr.com/
photo: http://www.sjarmerendejul.blogspot.com/                                                     photo: www.marthastewart.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway! 
Yesterday's present from Hjartans list, went to Harpa Theodórsdóttir  - congratulations! 

11. December

Utanum is giving a lovely "wrapped collar" for today's giveaway. 

The philosophy behind Utanum design is based on the unique warmth the Icelandic wool has to offer. The feeling being tucked in, a timeless flow that echoes the strong bond to icelandic nature and culture. 
All the products of utanum are produced in Iceland and handled with care all the way to the customer.

Please leave your name and email as a comment below and the wrapped collar could be yours.

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Guðrún Birna said...

Love the outside decorations :-) Lovely as always.

gudrunbirna hjá gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hlýtt og notalegt!

Kv. Sigrún Lóa
sisvansdottir hjá actavis.com

Anonymous said...


ps. Yndisleg jólainnleggin ykkar, koma manni í jólaskap :-).
Kristín L.