13 December 2011

2 Gingerbread house

It is fun to make your own gingerbread house.

photo: overonecoffee.com

photo: overonecoffee.com
The windows are made with sweets - just place it inside the window frame before your bake your house.
I used sugar to glue the house together and icing for the snow and icicles.... and to cover the flaws :).

Here are the templates:

click for a bigger picture - photo: overonecoffee.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway! 
Yesterday's present from Himneskir Herskarar, went to Áslaug Björgvinsdóttir - congratulations!

13. December
The gift for the day derives from elves and fairies living in the Icelandic nature. The artist Þóra Breiðfjörð graduated from The Art Academy of Iceland, first from The Ceramic Department and then from The Art Teacher Department. She is well known for her beautiful porcelain and  today she will be giving two elf cups from her latest collection. Each cup has a flower under it and the philosophy behind it is that when you drink from the cup you can imagine sending a healing-beam to the person sitting against you through the flower. 

If you wish to have elf cups leave your name and email as a comment below. 

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Kristín Garðarsdóttir said...

Fallegir bollar.

Unknown said...

The template for the roofs don’t line up. The first floor roof pieces were too small.