10 December 2011

0 Christmas greetings

It is time to start preparing the Christmas greeting cards. When you have the time on your side you can even give the job a little extra touch. Here are some ideas that can be fun working on with some nice coffee and a cookie on the side. 

 Pop-up card : introduction here!

photo: robertsabuda.com

photo: marthastewart.com                                                              photo: liveinternet.ru

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Yesterday's present from Hlín Reykdal, went to Svava Gísla  - congratulations! 

10. December

Our gift for the day is this lovely Christmas decoration made by Bragi Baldursson and Guðrún Lísa Erlendsdóttir.
They have for over 30 years worked together on making Christmas ornaments and decorations of wood under the brand name Hjartans list.
This Christmas heart is one of their speciality.

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