12 December 2011

7 Rudolf the red nose reindeer

We love reindeers and DIY ideas.....
If you like to have a paper Rudolf on your wall, here are the templates.

photo: goodhousekeeping.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway! 
Yesterday's present from Utanum, went to Aníta - congratulations!

12. December

We are fascinated by the angels, reindeers and all the other beautiful pieces, called himneskir herskarar, made by the craftsman Páll Garðarsson in his cozy workshop downtown Reykjavík. 
Each piece is made of whittled wood, paper and wire and done with so much care that you are amazed that it's all handmade.  
Today someone lucky gets this lovely reindeer for a present.

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Anonymous said...

Jei! :) Hver þarf ekki á hreindýri að halda?

Hrefna Sigurjónsdóttir

Anonymous said...

Æðislega fallegt !

Anonymous said...

Vááá flott!

Kv. Sigrún Lóa
Sisvansdottir hjá actavis.com

Kato Kuylen said...

Rosalega flott!

Anonymous said...

Afar smart!

Anonymous said...

elska vörurnar hans Palla

Sigrún Arna Elvarsdóttir said...

Skemmtilegar jólavörur :)