15 June 2012

1 What comes around goes around

We are regularly reminded of the circle of live. 
  "Hansa" shelves as they have been called here in Iceland have made their round path. The German company Hansa Regalsysteme made them in 1930 and around the mid 19th century they where hanging on the walls of almost every other living room in town. Some years later people got bored with the brown teak and threw them out, literally .... 
Today Hansa shelves have gained their formal respect and can be seen in their dignity.     

photo via: steinunninga.wordpress.com

photo via: steinunninga.wordpress.com  /  overonecoffee.com
photo: overonecoffee.com

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dagný björg * feel inspired said...


Veist þú hvar ég gæti fengið hillubera í Hansahillurnar?