04 December 2011

7 Unconventional decorations

This fun decorations show us that anything can be used as a Christmas decoration

photo: http://www.blog.alltheluckintheworld.nl/

photo: overonecoffee.com

We saw the lower decoration idea in an Icelandic magazine and since my children have made a lot of these bead pieces it was ideal to put them in a Christmas costume :)

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!
Yesterday's present from Fluga design, went to Þóra Guðrún - congratulations!

4. December

We are delighted to announce the next gift in our advent calendar.

There's an old Icelandic saying that you should at least get cards and candle for Christmas. 
Therefor it is appropriate to reveal our calendar giveaway for today by the Icelandic brand Noonfactory. It comes in a neat box and is a perfect gift for anyone that appreciates smart design.

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Good luck!


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Anonymous said...

Geðveikt, væri flott jólagjöf fyrir mömmu!

Bryndís Þóra Guðmunds said...

Sniðugt, væri til í svona!

Áslaug said...

Þetta er skemmtilegt!

Snædís said...

GeggjÐ ;)

Anonymous said...

Til í svona, vantar einmitt gjöf fyrir jólaleik í vinnunni!!
huldakatrin at simnet.is

OverOneCoffee said...

It is past midnight and we are delighted to announce that Margrét Ragnarsdóttir #15, will have today Christmas gift.



...siGGa... said...

ótrúlega flott síða...