04 January 2012

3 Happy New Year!

When the new year arrives lot of people start thinking about their past, what could have gone better and what they should do differently in the future.
People set new goals and plans and that is what I am doing for 2012.
It's like a fresh start...

Goal #1 Write more handwritten letters.
I love getting letters, it can be very exciting to open one and I think it's much more personal.

Goal #2 Eat more fruits and vegetables.
It's a classic. It's good to start the year by eating healthy, especially after the Christmas delights.

Goal #3 Have a blast with friends and family
Spend time with the important ones in your life.

Goal #4 Take photos and develop!
I don't look through my photo folders on my computer that often, I must develop and put them in album.
- photo: fototiller.com

Goal #5 Read more books and watch some old movies
Finding a book that I get obsessed about and old film-noir movies are on my list.

Goal #6 Go out of the city more often 
 Take a road trip and see where it ends

Goal #7 Write a journal
It's so much fun to read it later on, keep your children's memories in one place. 

Goal #8 Be fresh and keep the spirit up
Dress up and look fresh with nail polish or just a lipstick. It can make bad days better.

Make your own list, It helps you reaching your goals.

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Írena said...

It's always good with a fresh start!

I'm going get inspired by your nr.1 and write my friend a handwritten letter now! I agree with you,it's alot more fun and personal!!

Eva said...

Happy new year! Thanks for blogging! I check your blog every day -love it;) Keep up the good work!

Björg said...

Thanks :) and thank you for visit my blog!