05 December 2011

7 Holiday inspiration

We love smart ideas that are both fun and easy to make. These wrethes are inspired by everyone's favorite holiday treat. Its made of cookie cutters and can be made in a various ways. The cutters can either be attached together with hot glue like the red wreath on the left or with paper clips like the grey one on the right.
Afterwards it is brilliant to spray-paint the wreath and add a bow.

 photo: www.bhg.com                                                                 photo: pinterest.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!
Yesterday's present from Noonfactory design, went to Margrét Ragnarsdóttir
  - congratulations!


These nice earrings are the gift for the day.

The designer Elva Dögg Árnadóttir designs cool jewelry in bright and beautiful colors.
If you need something to brighten up your look this might be the right thing.

To have them you need to Leave your name and email as a comment here below.

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and hope for the best :)

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hlino said...

Æðislegir! :)

erla perla said...

sjúkir lokkar - I wanna wanna

STEINUNN styleduplication said...

VÁVÁVÁ! Hef alltaf þráð svona lokka! YNDISLEGA fallegir! langar ííí !! kvittíkvitteríkvitt!! :))))

Anonymous said...

Ó mæ mig langar svo í!!!

Anonymous said...

Þetta er ótrúlega flott! Sé að það fjölgar aðeins þátttakendum en ánægjulegt!

Starkaður Örn said...

Jójójó, ég er með!
Þú veist mailið mitt :)

OverOneCoffee said...

It is past midnight and we are delighted to announce that Auður Inga, will have our Christmas gift.