08 December 2011

7 Brilliant wreath

My favorite this month!

photo: gwennypenny.com

This wreath is beautiful and truly easy to make and practical as well because it holds your Christmas greeting cards in orderly display. 

All you need is

wire clothes hanger
yard of ribbon
1 pack of clothespins
green spray paint
pony beads
wire cutter/pliers
glue gun
empty box for the clothespins after you spay paint it.

Let's get started!

photos: gwennypenny.com

 1. Clip all your clothespins onto a box - for spray painting.
2. Spray 3-4 coats of paint on the clothespins.
3. After the clothespins have dried, cut the hook off your wire hanger, and shape into a circle. 
4. Then, alternating bead and clothespin, slide onto the wire.
 5. Continue until your wreath is almost full.
6. Glue the wire ends together with the glue gun, lots of glue here.
7. Cut a piece of the ribbon and tie it around the wire, then trim the ends and glue that to the wires.
8. Using the rest of your ribbon, tie a bow and glue that on top of your hanger.

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8. December

Björg i bú is an Icelandic design studio of three product designers. It focuses on food design among other product design projects and in additioin to that the company has taken part in creative endavours and events.  
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Anonymous said...

Þessi blómasegull er algjört æði,eins finnst mér klemmu kransinn svaka flottur.

Kv.Guðrún Björg

Anonymous said...


htibra (hjá) gmail.com

Hulda Katrín said...

Fallegu, dýru eldhúshnífarnir mínir eiga ekki skilið að vera í eldhússkúffunni. Vantar einmitt svona fallegan grip til þess að sýna þá! :)

huldakatrin at simnet.is

Snædís said...

Mig Langar
Kv Snædís

Sigrun Lilja said...

Sigrún Lilja

Anonymous said...

ótrúlega fallegt...bíð spennt :)

Anonymous said...

Er búin að búa til svona flottan klemmukrans og hann virkar fullkomlega. Frábær hugmynd og smart. Greta ma