03 December 2011

9 Pom pom garland

This Christmas tree decoration is one of my favorite. The pom pom garland definitely jazzes up the Christmas tree. It is easy to make and here are the instructions if you want to use your extra time in December to play.

You will need scissors, a thick fishing wire, a long needle and lots of pom poms. You can get them at most crafts shops - I saw some at Söstrene grene the other day. Cut the fishing wire to the length you desire and tie a knot with a loop on one side. Now thread the pom poms through the needle in the color order you wish. When you're done you tie a knot with a loop on the other end as well and the garland is made!

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!
Yesterday's present, Hlín's keychain went to Linda Björk - congratulations!


Today's gift in our Christmas calendar is from the Icelandic tailor Edda Skuladottir. 

Edda got her education at The technical school of Reykjavik and graduated with honors in 1996. She began her carrier as a pattern designer in Los Angeles and worked for the fashion brand Bebe, where she was one of the main pattern designers.
In 2006 she launched her own label called fluga using only quality fabrics and prints.
This beautiful scarf is made of 100% silk and gives your old black Christmas dress a new and fresh look. 
The lucky one gets to choose between many colors!

As before, leave your name and email as a comment below and share this blog with someone who might be interested  :)

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Anonymous said...

Langar í einn :)

Heiðbjört Tíbrá
htibra (hjá) gmail.com

linda bjork said...

aldrei leidinlegt ad fa eitthvad fallegt til ad skreyta sig ;)
linda bjork

Anonymous said...

Very interested indeed. Ásta Sóllilja sollilja hjá gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Fallegt :)
Arnhildur Lilý Karlsdóttir
arnhildurlily hja gmail.com

Björt said...

vantar einmitt e-ð til að poppa upp fataskápinn fyrir jólin :)

Björt Baldvinsdóttir
bjortbaldvins hja gmail.com

p.s. skemmtileg síða

Halla said...


Halla said...

halla.thorlaug hjá gmail.com

OverOneCoffee said...

It is past midnight and we are delighted to announce that Þóra Guðrún #7, will have our Christmas gift.



Bryndís Þóra said...

Flottur klútur!
Bryndís Þóra Guðmundsdóttir