09 December 2011

8 New ideas for Christmas

There are many ways to give your home a little Christmas spirit. If you are bored with the traditional Christmas decorations it can be challenging to find a new and fresh one.
photo: craftinessisnotoptional.com

 Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!
Yesterday's present from Björg í bú design, went to Sigrún Lilja  - congratulations! 


The designer of this beautiful bracelet is Hlín Reykdal.
She graduated from Icelandic Academy of the Arts with B.A in fashion design.
Hlín designs mainly fashion accessories for both children and adults and every piece is handmade from nature fabric. She is one of the founding owners of KIOSK boutique among 8 other young designers and I recommend that you visit their store if you are ever in Reykjavik.

Comment below and the bracelet could be yours.

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Snædís said...

Ég ætla svo ekki að gefast upp!
kv Snædís, hehhe

Guðrún Birna said...

Já auðvitað!

gudrunbirna hjá gmail.

Anonymous said...

Mjög falleg hönnun, á einmitt eina hálsfesti frá henni og ég elska hana :)

Guðrún M. said...

Skartið frá Hlín er svo fallegt!
Guðrún M.
gudrunam [hjá] gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Verð nú að kommenta núna. Flott skart hjá Hlín Reykdal og flott síða! :)

Anonymous said...

Mig langar mikid i thetta. Finnst thetta aedi! Asta sollilja hja gmail.com

Sigga said...

Já takk :)
Þetta er fallegt !

Anonymous said...

Hrikalega flott armband :)