06 December 2011

4 Decorate with twigs

Twigs are ideal to decorate with, and the fun about it is that if you let your imaginations run wild the outcome can be pretty cool...

photo: charlottaward.tumblr.com                                                 photo: franciskasvakreverden.blogspot.com

It is appropriate to talk about twigs decorations because if you receive the gift of the day I recommend that you take a walk outside and find some so the present can come into it's own.

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!
Yesterday's present from Elva Dögg design, went to Auður Inga  - congratulations! 

5. December

Today's giveaway are these beautiful Christmas ornaments from Stáss
The Stáss design team consists of two young architects who started their collaboration in October 2008. Their production differs from jewelery to home decorations.
The home decorations are a growing part of the Stáss products and include Christmas decorations, pillows and wall stickers.

If you'd like them please comment below with name and email, be our facebook friend and spread the words of overonecoffee.com around.

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing. I'd love to have me some of those.
Ásta Sóllilja sollilja hjá gmail.com

Áslaug said...

Mikið er þetta fallegt!

Anonymous said...

Fallegt og jólalegt stofustáss

Kvitt kvitt kv. Dagný

Anonymous said...

Love it!
huldakatrin at simnet.is