11 July 2012

4 10 things I love collecting

Some people might say that being a collector is like having a bad habit but I want to think that being one is like having a strong passion for something you really like. :)

When I was younger I collected things like stickers, napkins, even stones and rubbers but now its more like...

no.1  Vintage treasures. I found this polaroid camera in a flea-market and the sewing machine was my great-grandmother´s.

no.2  Unique coffee cups.

no.3  I got these spoons from my grandmother, each spoon represent a country and now its my turn to fill in the empty spaces in her collection.

no.4  Notebooks! I have a big collection of notebooks, somehow I always find the need to buy one.

no.5  Inspirations! 

no.6  When I was younger I useed to collect small things, today I still do.

no.7  Leather gloves! They can easily spice your outfit.

no.8  Postcards! I have a big collection of black and white. :)

no.9  Pillows in different colors!

no.10  Old tin boxes can often be useful so I have "accidentally" started to collect them storing all sorts of things.
Are you a collector?

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Anonymous said...

Love your collection :)

Anonymous said...

En skemmtilegt, kannski maður ætti að byrja safna einhverju :)
kv. Elsa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)
Takk fyrir þessi skemmtilegu comment!

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