01 February 2013

4 Happy weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?
This weekend I'm doing a lot of fun things but mostly I want to relax with warm tea and good book. I'm also really into documentaries these days and I'm hoping to see one this weekend, maybe this or this. A good friend of mine is moving to her new apartment (only few streets away from me) and I will be helping her to unpack, I'm looking forward to have her as a neighbor. I will also be having my two favorite nephews for sleepover, this weekend will be fun fun fun!

Favorite things to see or do around the web:

Everyone needs a Friday pizza, I recommend these mini pizzas from Green Kitchen Stories
See this movie: Celeste and Jesse forever!
Make this delicious Lemon tart with Rosemary Crust, yummy..
I will be making more of these cute bow-ties for boys, interested?
Royal green is the color of the year 2013 by Pantone
Giant paper flowers are fun to make

Have a wonderful relax weekend!

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Alynne Leigh said...

cute blog! (:
that looks so inviting.

hope youre having a wonderful weekend.


Björg said...

Thank you Alynne :)

Kristjana Erna said...

Helgarplönin þín eru svo nice :) Kaffi og með því á sunnudaginn í Eskihlíðinni? ;)

Björg said...

Já takk Kristjan mín, tek því boði fagnandi! :)