03 January 2013

0 2013

New year, new goals, new ideas....

We will be taking a one week break
..and because of that we wanted to share with you the top 10 favorite posts from last year :) 

no.1 - We visited a lot of cozy apartments, this one in 107 Reykjavík

no.2 - We shared some recipes that we like!

no.3 - we dreamed about new fashion find...

no.4 - We tried to be more organized..

no.5 - We peeked into this lovely greenhouse, from The Selby

no.6 - We shared some DIY projects!

no.7 - and we found some ideas for the small ones...

no.8 - We recycled!

no.9 - and we talked a lot about bookshelves!

no.10 - and one of us was so lucky to be able to enjoy wonderful Copenhagen for 5 months!

Hope you all have a great first week of this new and exciting year!

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