23 December 2011

1 Pretty Please.....

It doesn't have to cost more than your imagination to make your Christmas table look pretty. 
Empty jars or bottles for candles can create a cozy atmosphere and bole off-cuts, pine cones and branches can also be a cute decoration.

photo: designspongeonline.com                                                           photo: www.i-do-it-yourself.com

photo: vinumvine.wordpress.com                                                                  photo: www.hgtv.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!  

Yesterday's present from Thelma design, went to Gugga - congratulations!

23. December

Because it's almost Christmas we will be giving two gifts for the day to two lucky ones.

The generous Hlín Reykdal is the designer of the day and will be giving away a lovely bracelet and a fabulous key-chain. 

She graduated from Icelandic Academy of the Arts with B.A in fashion design.
Hlín designs mainly fashion accessories for both children and adults and every piece is handmade from nature fabric. She is one of the founding owners of KIOSK boutique among 8 other young designers and I recommend that you visit their store if you are ever in Reykjavik.

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Beautiful ! :)