24 December 2011

2 The Christmas spirit.

When the Christmas tree is lid up and decorated, I really feel the true Christmas spirit arrive.
Each Christmas tree has sort of its own personality reflected in the different decorations.
Some are covered in red and silver balls and others in angel-hairs.
Me and my family collect ornaments that make memories. Some are gifts from late loved ones and others bought in various places around the world.

photo: emporio74.blogspot.com                                                                       photo:www.tch.net

photo: minlillaveranda.blogspot.com                                                                   photo: google.com

photo: www.yvestown.com                                                      photo: roundbarnpottingco.blogspot.com

Click on the gift below to unwrap today's Advent calendar giveaway!  
Yesterday's presents from Hlín Reykdal, the bracelet went to Hrafnhildur and the key-chain went to Jenný Björk


24. December 

Tree was our first and will be our last advent gift this Christmas. 
The designer Hrafn Gunnarsson is a graphic designer who initially made the Tree for his girlfriend.
Today the Tree can be found around the town serving either as a jewelry stand or a decoration. 
It is absolutely beautiful with or without jewelry hanging from it. 
Get one for your spouse, sister, mother, daughter, friend or even for yourself. 

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Overonecoffee.com wishes you peace and joy this holidays and look forward to bringing you more ideas in 2012!

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Sandra Rós said...

I really like this.

Anonymous said...

Skemmtileg síða!