08 February 2013

0 Happy weekend!

photo: overonecoffee

What are you doing this weekend?
This weekend I'm going to work and sew (hopefully a lot) in my new studio. I'm also invited to dinner-party and going out with some friends, I can't wait. We also have a Winter Lights Festival here in Reykjavík this weekend, so there is lots of things going on. This Sunday I'm having a brunch with good friend at her new apartment and going for a long walk somewhere out of the city.
I like having crowded schedule over the weekend, it makes the weekend longer!

Favorite things to see or do around the web:

Get a good pep talk from this amazing kid!
See these documentary: Love etc. & Exit through the gift shop
Do something fun on Winter lights festival in Reykjavík, like this!
Be healthy and drink lots of vitamin: The green juice!
Plan a trip to see Beyoncé live in Copenhagen! (ticket sales starts on Monday)
Afraid of heights? Then don't watch this! :)
Sometimes I read through Post Secret 

Have a happy weekend!

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