25 January 2013

0 Wonderful Weekend

I'm going to set up my work-studio at home (wich has been in program for few weeks now), go down town for a coffee and new magazine, meet friends for a drink on Saturday night and maybe see a movie on Sunday. This weekend will be wonderful!

Favorite things to see or do around the web:

Be more organized with Any.Do,
Dance with Solange Knowles!
Sunday is a movie night,
Bake delicious lemon bread,
Dream about having a library at home,
Go back in time and remember the great and cool about the 90's
Dance with my little nephew, Feist and Sesame street,
Go to Ikea and buy this shelf for my inspirations,
Juice diet for 60 days, anyone? watch documentary Fat Sick and nearly dead,
dream about this beautiful vase designed by Þóra Finnsdóttir!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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