27 September 2012

0 Lego playstation

Make any kind og playstation for your children. 
Here are instructions how you do it! 

We love to give old things new purpose in "life"!

This SUNDVIK change table from IKEA can easily be turned into a lego play station.
At first you need to "hack it into three tables. Cut a hole into the table top that matches a Trofast container and fit a DUPLE board next to it 

You can even make a two "level" play table and use the second level for anything else (like craft, train, etc). It's easy to remove and put on again.

What you need to do is cut off the legs off the second table and drilled four holes in the bottom of the frame of the top table in which we glued some wooden dowels. Matching these we drilled slightly bigger holes into the top of the bottom table, so the top table can easily be put on and wont move. Done!

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