03 September 2012

1 Autumn colors

photo: overonecoffee.blogspot.com

What will be this season colors... rusty, red wine, black and leather!

no.1 These days this rusty color sweater is my favorite, from Bruuns Bazaar
no.2  Leather gloves in wine-color (I recommend leather rather than pleather, it's just worth it).
no.3 Vintage watch, this one was my moms favorite many many years ago.
no.4 RUM the interior design magazine is my new favorite!
no.5 Søstrene Grene have a lot of boxes.. just to keep your things in order.
no.6 Get yourself some petite chains and pair few sizes together, it's just lovely.
no.7  Cozy jersey top in wine-color from H&M.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice colors.. love the box!