19 June 2012

0 In my bag

photo: overonecoffee.blogspot.com

no.1  -  I always carry notebooks with me for my memos, these are from Söstrene Grene.
no.2  -  Sunglasses and vintage cameras to capture great moments are must this summer.
no.3  -   Be kind to your hands and use hand therapy collection from Crabtree & Evelyn.
I love this brand! (you can buy it in EVA laugarvegi).
no.4  -  Bright colors for summer. My favorite brand these days is Alessandro, you should try it.
no.5  -  Estée lauder DayWear Plus with SPF 15 (sun protection) with a bit of bronzing. Just love it!
no.6  -  Ipod shuffle is very light to carry, this little friend is always with me.
no.7  -  Nammm Froosh. Fresh smoothie are good "between" snack (buy it in Bónus).
no.8  -  Sometimes small wallet fits better in your purse, this one is bought in Copenhagen.

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