30 May 2012

0 In my bag

photo: overonecoffee.blogspot.com

A girlish bag could contain...

no.1 This May issue of ELLE, where you can get sommer inspirations.
no.2 CHOCOLATE, always in my bag!
no.3 Keep Cup are perfect for your morning coffee or tea, take a look at the store Minja.
no.4 DKNY wallet in bright colors, are so lovely, buy it in Eva Laugarvegi.
no.5 Lip-salve (vaseline) with rose colors for your lips, fresh nail polish from Mac and small pocket mirror.
no.6 Notebook for memos, you can buy cute ones in Söstrene Grene.
no.7 Small tin box for my midday snack, I mix almonds and coconut with dark chocolate. This box is from House doctor.

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