09 May 2012

0 10 things we love for summer

We wanted to share with you 10 sommer ideas that will make your day a lot better...

photo via:   deliciouslyorganized.blogspot.com
1. Nurture your body with fresh ingredients whether it's a sommer drink or homemade face scrub.

photo via: salad-eyes.tumblr.com / theglitterguide.com
2. Go for a picnic with something delicious and someone you love

photo via: photos.essence.com
3.  Come into possesson of a picnic bag that will encourage you to go out more often for a quiet time in the park.

photo via: google.com
4. Do something crazy....just for a day.

photo via: garypeppervintage.com / chictopia.com
5. Wear dresses and skirts in lovely colors

photo via: goo.gl / redbubble.com
 6. Go for a swim it clears your mind and strengthen your whole body

photo via: ruemag.comusasmartsource.com
7. Yellow, red, blue and green, umm fresh ice cream. 

photo via: theglitterguide.tumblr.com / lisaottosson.tumblr.com
8. Throw a summer party... it's a memory that will last... for more than a day. 

photo via: fashionisbornonthestreets.tumblr.com / purplemilkcart.files.wordpress.com
9. Play with colors, again that's so much more fun!

photo via: celebinspire.tumblr.com
 10. You deserve a pair of wegdes.  
no.1 & no.4 Topshop
no.2 & no.6 Chie Mihara / Kron 
no.3 lulus.com

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