19 March 2012

1 What is now!

"Sasa", in the African Kiswahili language, means "What is now".

The Sasa Clock by the Icelandic designer Þórunn Árnadóttir encourages us to relax and let time flow without following every tick tack-ing second.

In some places around the world, people control time rather that it controlling them. They perceive time as speeding up when activities speed up and slowing down when its time to rest.

In our speed-up life we need to be able to liberate ourselves from the clock, literally. In these cases, the design offer you to take a break from the time and simply remove the beads from the carousel and wear them as a necklace.

The time is read from a necklace of wooden beads placed over a slowly turning carousel. As the carousel rotates, a bead slips down the cord every 5 minutes. The last bead to have dropped indicates the time.

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Halla said...

Vá hvað þetta er ótrúlega mikið flott hugmynd!!!!