13 February 2012

0 Pretty little dollhouse


Now it is your turn to set the architect inside you free. 
This form of a house with no outer walls or a roof can be pretty uncomfortable in the real live but when you are a doll or someone who plays with dolls this is actually the perfect house. It's easy to fit furniture or figurines into every nook and the rooms have no boundaries. 

After finishing one house I can imagine you might be inspired to make some more. Perhaps a hairdresser and a bakery is missing in the neighborhood?

All you need is cardboard sheets or a foam-core (for more solid one) and wallpapers.
The wallpaper is easily applied to the wall with spray glue and is essential to make each house special. 

To make a four rooms apartment the instructions are here. 

The fun paper dolls from cooldesign.is went to Ingibjörg. 

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