03 February 2012

5 A lovely downtown apartment

photos: overonecoffee.com

We where invited to a beautiful apartment downtown Reykjavik.
The residences, a lovely young couple have gathered all sorts of beautiful things from the early years of last century. Most of the things are gifts from family and friends but some a treasure, found at a second hand store or eBay and bought dirt cheap.

Home tours on Overonecoffee have become so popular that we will definitely keep on with that.
If you know any interesting places that we could visit  please let us know. 

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Birna Helena said...

Vá hvað þetta er falleg íbúð, það er svo gaman að fá að gægjast heim til fólks.

eva said...

very nice! A beautiful home with a lot of character;) I wonder who lives there...would be nice to know:)

Sigga said...

wow, amazing! These cameras!

chimney hill apartments west bloomfield mi said...

Your home is simply amazing. I particularly like the sailor bed sheet and the hat rack on your wall.

Gladys said...

That glass chair is so mesmerizing! I want that in my chicago apartments.