28 February 2012

5 A colorful design, just for you!

Kattonemium, our favorite this week, brings forth a fresh look of the Icelandic lamb wool in children's design. A modern approach results in a unique and playful graphic design made of luxurious quality. Their main products are beautiful kids wool sweaters, followed by wool dresses, waistcoats, wool socks, mittens, scarfs, and home accessories, easily recognizable by their vivid colors.

At the end of the week someone lucky will get to choose between a beautiful Hlif or Humi bed cover. Made of Icelandic lamb wool it is ideal as an insulating layer in the stroller or as a colorful bed cover in your junior's bed. Hlif is knitted in the colors of fire and Humi inspired by the autumn nights. 

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María BS said...

Love your products, such warm and beautiful colors and patterns.

Anonymous said...

Im starting af knitting course tomorrow, hope I some day can make beautiful knitting as Kattomenium :o)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Greta M.B.

Anonymous said...

Falleg eru þau.


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