30 January 2012

3 Lovely apartments

I came across few photos of some nice flats from here and there. They have this romantic atmosphere in common that I find so lovely. Wooden floors, high ceiling, large beautiful windows, light colored furniture, fireplace and than this delicious hanging sofa on the patio completes it...
Sounds like a dream home!

photo: thedesignfiles.tumblr.com                                                                           photo: delikatissen.com
photo: delikatissen.com   

photo: delikatissen.com     
  photo: trendey.com                                                                photo: delikatissen.com

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Travis said...

I am very impressed with the interior decoration of this apartment! It reminds me of the apartments for rent in Provo utah.

Sam said...

The apartments look really pretty. I love the accessories and decorations. I would recommend this to my friend, she's looking for a place to stay near the area. Thanks for sharing.

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buenos aires apartments said...

This is a nice apartment.. its clean and refreshing place..