24 January 2012

2 Fun walls

There are many ways to spike up your children's rooms. The walls doesn't have to be white, they can play a role in their games and inspire the creativity.  
Here are some ideas.
photo: legoexpress.tumblr.com                                                                                                  photo: landofnod.com
photo: amaxonaws.com                                                                      photo: itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome.blogspot.com

photo: kidszonemania.com

1. Lego plates fitted to the walls. 
2. Wallpaper that encourages your kids to draw inside empty frames
3. climbing grips can be found at amazon.com for example.
4. "IdeaPaint" gives you the opportunity to paint so it dries and then erase as you wish
5. Wall stickers that create a fun new world 

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emon said...

I love the chalkboard speech bubble and the single large letter monogram! kids wall decals

OverOneCoffee said...

I agree! :)