19 December 2011

1 Sweet Christmas

photo: overonecoffee.com

Make your own Christmas delights!

photo: overonecoffee.com

All you need is white and dark chocolate and some peppermint sweets to make a tasteful chocolate treats.
The chocolate hearts are bought in Tiger.

photo: overonecoffee.com

1. Brake the sweets into small pieces.
2. Melt the dark chocolate and fill the forms so they're half full. Put it in a freezer.
3. While the dark chocolate is getting cold you melt the white chocolate.
4. Take your chocolate out of the freezer and cover it with peppermint sweet.
5. Pour the white chocolate over, until the form is full. Put again in freezer for 5 min.

Voila its ready!

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Yesterday's present from Helicopter, went to Heiðrún - congratulations! 

19. December

This beautiful necklace by Dýrindi could be yours after the day. 
It's made out of pearls that are covered with crochet cotton and this color combination is absolutely fabulous with almost anything. 

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úff hvað þetta er flott :-)