02 November 2011

0 For him

I usually start looking for Christmas presents at this time of the year
so I don't have to keep up with the "December-madness" few days before Christmas.

Here are some ideas for your dad, husband, boyfriend, son, brother, friend...

photo: overonecoffee.com
1. The Sheep's tie you can buy at Birkiland.com
2. Timberland, the classic winter shoes
3. Warm winter sweaters from H&M
4. Ef lens cup. Buy online at Fotodiox or for Icelanders in Minja, Reykjavík.
5. The Beard cap you can buy at Birkiland.com
6. I love bakon from Crate and Barrel
7. The bag is from Urban Outfitters
8. This cleaver laptop bookcase you can buy at Amazon

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