30 November 2011

11 Exciting december!

We would like to thank you, our loyal readers and welcome all you newcomers.
We are very excited to announce that a group of Icelandic designers will participate in our advent calendar where we will have a daily giveaway.
Each day we will tell you a little bit about the gift of the day and it's designer.
To have a chance of the gift all you need to do is leave your name and email in the comment box below the gift you like to have.
Don't forget to visit us daily, share our blog with all of your friends and be our friend on facebook!

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Anonymous said...

Ásta Sóllilja sollilja hja gmail.com I just love the black wooden tree... and the bracelet with the pink flower... and... :-)

Anonymous said...

Lára Björg - larabjo@gmail.com. I would love to have the scarf in the right corner(Vík Prjónsdóttir) and I also like the earrings in the left corner(",)

Anonymous said...

Inga - ingasteinunn1@gmail.com. The black tree is at the top of my wish list :)

Svala said...

Svala svalasig@gmail.com would love to have the scarf in the lower right corner or the bird ring")

Anna said...

Anna siggianna@hotmail.com - difficult but the white wooden reindeer and the fabulous three by Hrafn:)

Hulda Katrín said...

Love everything!!
With regards
Hulda Katrín

huldakatrin at simnet.is

Anonymous said...

I would love Hlín Reykdals bracelet.

Christmas greetings ingunnhi@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Málfríður malfridur@gmail.com
I would love the reindeer or the necklace in the centre of the photo.

OverOneCoffee said...

You need to follow our post every day and when your wishing gift is posted you need to comment on that specific post. We will give one gift every day! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Flugas scarf "Glitrós".
Jóhanna Sveinsdóttir

Anonymous said...

My favorites are Gammur and SHE