08 November 2011

3 Fresh ideas

Det mondene skur is a Danish company that sells kitchen furnishing, hardware and all sorts of gadgets in addition to bringing a new solution into kitchen design. The kitchen they make are unique for many things. To mention few the company specializes in using some of the kitchen's old furnishing and devises when renovating and fit it very neatly into the new kitchen. It's distinctive feature is that tiles are laid on the tabletop and on the sides around the drawers and the cabinets. It's also common to see a part of an old tabletop within the shiny table-tiles and an old shelf painted in pastel color hanging on the wall above.
The overall look is neat and cozy in my opinion. 

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Eva said...

I love it, nice style! Looks like my dream-kitchen!
Thanks for a very lovely blog!

Anna K i Koben said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Eva for your comment.
We will continue with our daily posts and hopefully we will hear from you again.
Best wishes to you
overonecoffee :)