10 September 2011

0 Sketch books

Few days ago I realized that I got an addiction. 
My addiction is buying notebooks. 
I was organizing them when I found out that I got around sixty of them! Since most of the books are in use or already full I feel a little bit better, and the new ones are waiting their turn.

I just love them!

 You can find cool notebooks in Søstrene Grene, Tiger and Kisan

 This sketch book is very special to me, its bigger than others and was a gift from my brother. 
The book was made by Icelandic artist Gunnar Eggertsson and has a photograph on the cover of a tarmac road in an urban environment.

Today I'm wishing for this cool notebook from Stilleben, designed by Karen Bjelke It would be perfect for my inspirations and sketches.

 photo: aprillaprill

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